New Owner FAQ

Here is a list of Common New Owner Questions:

new home owner

Q. How much is the current monthly assessment?

A. The monthly assessment for fiscal year 2016 is $125 per month.  The assessment is billed by the LFV Maintenance Corporation and payable  to  Mastriana Property Management.  Homeowners  have until the 10th day of the month to pay their assessment bill; late fees applied thereafter.

Q. What does assessment covers?

A. Each year, the Board of Directors adopts a budget with five (5) main components:

  • Lawn care and snow removal services
  • Maintenance expenses — upkeep of the Clubhouse and the common areas
  • Trash collection— weekly trash & recycling services
  • Administrative expenses — administration and management fees, insurance premiums, and legal fees
  • Reserve funds — repairs and replacement of common areas improvements (e.g., fences, walls, mailbox kiosks, etc.)

Q. How is trash service started?

A.  Trash and recycling pick-ups are automatically done on a weekly basis for the whole community.

Q. When is trash/recycle pick-up day?

A. Trash is picked up every Thursday, and recycling is over other Thursday. The trash company observes 6 holidays per calendar year, and may affect the pick up dates.  They will be noted on the Newsletter and the website calendar.

Q: Do I need approval to do exterior changes?

A: Our maintenance corporation has specific guidelines set up for the Architectural Review and Landscaping Committee (A & L).  Improvements include, but are not limited to: patio, decks, landscaping, and exterior color changes.  These rules are set up to maintain the aesthetic value and integrity of our community and to protect the market value of our investment.  Violations of these rules may result in action by the Board of Directors. In addition, exterior improvements or changes that are completed without prior approval by the Board of Directors or the A & L Committee, may require the property owner to remove or correct the alteration and/or be fined for violations. All permanent exterior changes must be submitted prior to any work being performed.  All requests need to be sent to Jon Mastriana at Mastriana Property Management prior to the start of the work. The e-mail address is, who will then forward it to the A & L for approval.