Useful Information

Useful Info2

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: our Community Representative is Jon Mastriana at  Mastriana Property Management. They  can be reached at 302.234.4860 or  e-mail address is

GARBAGE COLLECTION AND RECYCLING: Waste Industries – For service inquiries call 302.378.5400

Garbage is collected once a week on Thursdays, unless a holiday occurs in that week. Recycle is collected on alternate Thursdays, unless a holiday has occurred in that week. If a holiday occurs that week, collections of trash and recyclables are pushed back to the next day. Receptacles for garbage or recycling may be placed at the curb no earlier than 5:00 PM on the day before pick up and should be removed from the street no later than 5:00 PM on the day of pickup.

The Top Recycling No Nos
  • No shredded paper. Shredded paper is too small to sort.
  • No scrap metal. These items can damage recycling equipment.
  • No hazardous waste. Items such as paint, automotive fluids, and car batteries must be taken to a hazardous waste facility.
  • No flattened containers. The single-stream system separates “flats” (paper) from ’rounds” (containers). The equipment would make a mistake.
  • No caps on jars. Metal lids should be removed and recycled loose in the bin.
  • No ceramics, specialty glass. Ceramics, china, dishes, mirrors and window glass would ruin new glass bottles.
  • No diapers. Diapers and other sanitary products are not recyclable or compostable.
  • No frozen food boxes. Paperboard boxes designed for freezing have a non-recyclable polymer sprayed on them.
  • No liquids. Liquids would drip, splatter and explode during the compacting stage, creating a sticky, smelly stew.
    • No plastic bags. Waste Management Industries disagrees. They say bundle them together in one plastic bag and tie the ends.

PROBLEMS WITH STREET LIGHTS  –  Go to web site or CALL: Delmarva at 1.800.375.7117

PROBLEM WITH A FIRE HYDRANT – If you notice that a fire hydrant is leaking, please contact Artesian Water immediately.  Call their emergency number (302) 453-6922 and gave them the address of the hydrant.

DAMAGED OR MISSING STREET SIGNS –  CALL: Del DOT at 302.760.2080 or 1.800.652.5600

TO REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY – Call 302.573.2800, the non-emergency New Castle County Police number

New Castle County Libraries’ Book Buddy Program: There are two criteria for enrollment in this program. First, the homebound individual must have a long term inability to get to the library. Second, they must have a library card issued by New Castle County Libraries. If an individual does not already have a card at the time of enrollment, one will be issued. For more information call the Book Buddy Coordinator at 302.395.5656. An application form can be obtained at your local library, or on the web site

Volunteers are also needed for this program. Applications can be obtained from the same sources mentioned in the above paragraph.